I am Nelleke and yes it’s official, I am a sewing addict. I just can’t seem to avoid any beautiful fabrics, patterns, ribbons, buttons and so on! So, I have to keep my stash at a level that I do not panic when I want to start a new project on a Sunday evening and I do not have enough fabric or a challenging pattern. I want to start right away! Hmmm, that sounds a little like an addict right? All harmless since I do not bother anyone (or should I say; my husband?) with it, hehe. My daughter Isabella is loving all the things I make, so that makes at least two people happy! I started when my mom had enough patience to teach me the basics of sewing. Simple things and many hours of practicing.
Later on my parents gave me my first sewing machine (which I am still using!) , at that time not realising that it would become one of my best friends…J. And then when Isabella was born in 2011 I started making clothing. With lots of projects ending up in the bin and much more patience and persistency, I finally managed to get to a level that was good enough to wear. A few years later, most of the dresses and skirts Isabella is wearing a made by me.