There we go, One Thimble #18 is here!

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Whoops, this post should have been up already since 18/02 but due to some troubles with my blog it didn’t show this new post. Luckily I finally fixed it, so enjoy reading about the newest One Thimble issue!!  (please know; some One Thimble links I use in this blogpost are affliliated, but please know, all opionions are my own!!).

Can you believe it? One Thimble Issue #18 is already here! Again so many cool patterns to share.

And since it’s still cold, Isabella loves sweaters, all kinds of sweaters. Seeing the Origami Sweater & Dress from Misusu Patterns, I knew Isabella would totally love it. And yes, she was jumping around when I said I would make here one. So, we started picking fabrics, as color blocking is a must for this cute pattern. I still had a lovely French terry from Nosh Fabrics and that seemed the perfect base for the sweater. Especially since Spring is hopefully arriving soon here, the soft aqua and vanilla stripes just make you want to go out and enjoy the sun. I combined it with some rib knitting and a cute knit with cats. Isabella insisted on using the cats as well. And since she loves pockets, it was perfect for the pockets and the collar.

I have been lucky to test The Spirited Dress, the very first and awesome pattern by Candice Ayala , founder of  Sewing Portfolios She did a great job here :). I mean, every girl loves to twirl around right? This dress is making sure they can twirl all day long!

I used some lovely and drapey knits I still had in my stash. The first one I made is still a bit too wide for Isabella, so I decided to sew another one and found out that this pattern is perfect to use two fabrics. I love color blocking and so does Isabella :). Although it is still winter overhere, Isabella loves to wear it, so we just layer it and that looks really cute as well.

Well, every mommy needs some selfish sewing time as well, right? So when I saw the Linnden Tote I thought that would be a perfect project for some selfish sewing. This pattern from Annie Zorzo Studios is definitely simple and stylish, and given its large size it’s perfect for busy parents with after school activities, weekend sports or even more leisurely weekend trips to the beach! I decided to use only fabric instead of using leather as well, so I thought it would be better to fully line it. Maybe this costs a bit more time, but if you want to sew and do not have a piece of leather in your stash, it’s a perfect way to sew another version of the Linnden Tote. For sure I am planning to sew another, this time with leather involved. Another excuse to go fabric and leather shopping right? lol …

Got inspired? Hop on over to all the other bloggers to get some more inspiration, as so many lovely ladies have been sewing up other patterns as well from the newest One Thimble! Here’s the line up for this tour:










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