Springtime :)

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Whoohoo, slowly Spring is arriving here in the Netherlands and gosh, how I needed the sun! Every now and then it is even warm enough to sit in our garden, have some coffee or tea and enjoy the sunshine.

So, a new season asks for some shirts and skirts, right? So, when Annika from Naehconnection informed me about two cute patterns (a shirt and skirt) from German designers being released in English, I just had to make them :)!


The Antje skirt from Fritzi and Schnittreif is so cute! It is a rather quick sew, and who doesn’t like a quick sew every once and a while 😉 ! And it is just perfect for playing around, enjoying the summery life. The pleats give the skirt a unique look and the waistband makes it really comfy.


The skirt is perfect to combine with the Lina shirt from Kibadoo is really cool too. I really like the fact that it has a few options (long or short sleeves, gathers, with or without bias, adding a band or not). So, since the warmer periods are coming here, I made a shirt with short sleeves. I did not use a bias from the shop, I just made one from the fabric I used for the shirt. This skirt is really fun to mix and match fabrics!


Oh and you know what, the patterns are on sale until Sunday 19th of March, so make sure to hop on over to the Naehconnection shop over here! And if you like twinning, there is a Miss Antje skirt as well ;)….

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