Let’s upcycle :) !

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When Miranda from Inspinration a few weeks ago asked me if I wanted to join a blogtour about upcycling, I did not need to think or re-think… Of course! I really like the idea of using old stuff and make something usefull out of it. Actually, it does not even have to be usefull, it’s more about realizing you do not have to throw away all the things you do not need anymore. Let’s become aware of the fact that lots of things can be re-used.


Here comes the fun part….Upcycling with Twig + Tale Patterns, yay! Have you seen them? They are all so so cute. I was having a hard time deciding which ones to make, but of course, it had to match with my items I wanted to upcycle. I decided to use two gorgeous Paul Smith shirts Philip did not wear anymore. He gave them to me a while back, as I said to him: DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY (haha, I might have said it a bit too loud at the time he was cleaning up his wardrobe …lol). There was a jeans to use as well, always great for upcycling. And some very pretty scraps I had left from Michael Miller, the sandpipers collection. Love those!!


I started with making the Pixie Shorts. Although it is still winter here, I think they are perfect for layering as well and as soon as it is warm enough, it is such a cute shorts! I used the two shirts, and have some fabric left for another (small) upcycle project. Isabella loves the shorts and wants to wear them to school, although it might be bit too cold when playing outside for an hour…. But oh well, it seems the time of suggesting it would be better to do…. Oh well, you get the point, haha!


Wild thing shoes! The animals were all so cute, Isabella asked me to make the panda, the fox, the rabbit…well, you know…as much as I would love to make them all, there’s just not enough time. So, Panda it is. I used the old jeans for the sole and the sandpiper cottons for the upper part. And then, the fitting…well ehm, they are too small!!! Really… So, I guess I will be making another pair after all. But exactly the same, as Isabella loved these 🙂 (oh and no worries, my little niece Myrthe will grow into them, lucky girl!).


Want to read and see more? Hop on over to the Twig + Tale Blog, lots of more to find out!


Thinking of upcycling as well? Lucky you, there is a giveaway and you can win 4 Twig + Tale Patterns, whoohoo! You can enter the giveaway here.


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Inspinration says:

21 februari 2017 at 12:21

I love those shorts, I really have to sew my kids one and ahh those shoes, adorable!


Lisa says:

22 februari 2017 at 09:33

A bunch of really sweet upcycles! it took me a while to realise that the pictures were located on a slider at the top… oops! Shorts are very sweet on your girl xx


Jenya says:

28 februari 2017 at 10:56

Hahaha I can just IMAGINE you shout, “do not throw them away” and then run to get those shirts to get them hehe I would have done the same!!! Love your makes. I think it is impossible for these shorts to not look cute! The slippers are adorable! My girlie places an order for a few animals also as soon as she saw the pattern 🙂


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