Marlene in Spring

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Oh I cannot wait until Springs starts! Yesterday when I woke up the birds were singing their song…that is so promising! I know it takes a few more weeks, so patience is needed. Until that time, I want to sew with bright colors, happy fabrics. And this one from Swafing is so pretty. I love the colors, the retro print… And it is absolutely perfect for the Marlene. It is a German pattern from Fritzi + Schnittreif. No worries, Annika from Naeh Connection translated it into English and added it to her shop, yay for Annika.


The Marlene is a tee with a fun twist. The neckline is straight and two shoulder insets allow for a fun play with texture and/or color. The patterns include different sleeve lengths. Both shirts are a quick and easy sew suitable for beginner sewers that want to conquer sewing with knit.


Ever thought about twinning? Well, the Marlene is as well available as Miss Marlene, so let’s start twinning :). I know what I will be making later on this week…. ­čśë Oh and if you can decide really really quickly… Make sure to get the patterns right now, as they are off for 15% until Monday :)! Hurry, hurry….

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Olga becker says:

20 februari 2017 at 16:21

Such p colors!


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