Let’s have some fun ladies!

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When Lauren from Sew by Pattern Pieces asked me if I wanted to join The Christmas Gift Giving Blog Tour I could not resist. Why not? It’s about the Ladies Fun Tee and hey, who doesn’t want a shirt that fits as how it should fit? I mean, most of the times I buy my shirts, but now I finally have a perfect pattern, I might end up making them all myself!


The Ladies Fun Tee is featuring everything you need. I mean, the SBA and FBA (A to G cup!) are already done on the front pieces, how convenient! No more fighting with adjusting that :). And the pattern has several options, like a round neck, a scooped neck and a V-neck. A slim fit or a relaxed fit, long sleeves, short sleeves, capped sleeves, gathered sleeves… So many options! Sizing 32EU – 52EU.


So, when I decided what version I wanted to sew, I asked Lauren to help me with choosing which size to make. Good I asked, as I combined I think 4 sizes!! The result, one of the best fitting shirts in my wardrobe :)! Really, I made a happy dance! I learned that it is really important to measure well and use the charts provided. Luckily Lauren made perfect instructions for this pattern, so I am sure you will figure out what sizes to blend to make a perfect Ladies Fun Tee (and if you’re having doubts, I am sure Lauren would love to help you out).


Since it is winter here, I made a long sleeved tee, with a scooped neck. Perfect for layering. I used a super soft knit I found in my favorite local shop. I am already thinking of making another tee, with a V-neck, maybe a bit more festive? I mean, Christmas is already there in 8 days!


I have had the honor to round up the tour, but be sure to check out the previous posts from the talented ladies:


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And do not forget to enter the giveaway here, some great prices can be won :).

Happy holidays 🙂



Stahlarbeit says:

16 december 2016 at 16:56

You’re gorgeous, Nelleke! And so is your shirt ???


Gaafmachine says:

19 december 2016 at 08:46

aw thanks Bettina 🙂


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