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Finally it’s here! The newest One Thimble, issue #13 (affiliate link). Wow,  and I must tell you, you will absolutely love it. Again there are so many great patterns in it and so much to read. And yes, in Down Under Summer is almost there, so it’s about Summer clothing, but hey, although Winter is almost here in Europe, that does not mean we cannot use these great new patterns. Let’s be creative, we all love comfy clothing, so let’s start layering!


Now, all about the makes for the release of OT #13! Did I already mention I think OT is really an amazing online magazine with lots of fun things to read, many tips and tricks AND lots of patterns?! Really, you should check it out. But first, read my post, 😉  lol…


It was tough to choose what to make, but when I saw the sneak peaks of the Party Vest by Rosie Petal Patterns and the Orbis Skinny Harem by Sofilantjes, I was sold. Perfect to combine and great for the Winter season here in The Netherlands. Isabella was keen on using two fabrics I once bought at a big fabric market, blue and orange. I loved this combination just as much as Isabella and the Party Vest is perfect for using different fabrics. Better to say, if you use different colors, you can see the different panels even better. If you decide to use a pellon, then the vest will even become more warm and comfy, and you can decide to quilt it as well. I wanted to, but did not find the time to do so before taking pictures and writing this post… But maybe I will do so in a while.


The Orbis Skinny Harem is a really cool skinny with cute details. I wanted to pair it with the Party Vest, so going through my fabric stash I came up with the super soft blue and white striped French Terry I actually bought for myself… Isn’t that how it goes with every mommy sewing for her girl….? Gaaah, I could not resist using it, because I knew it would be awesome. So bye bye comfy cardi for mommy….and hello super comfy Orbis Skinny Harem for Isabella 🙂 ! Really, I do not regret it, I wish I could wear it. It was tough matching the stripes, but I think I did a fairly good job here…


I actually was very lucky I could join the testing team last Summer for the ONE romper from Filles a Maman (FAM). This pattern rocks and is perfect for Summer! And as you can see, Isabella loves it and she thinks she is extra cool it wearing my shades ;). I know I will be making more of these next Summer!!


There is so much more to show you, so make sure to hop on over to these talented ladies who are joining this OT #13 tour:

10/11 Pattern Revolution, Beri Bee Designs, The Sew and Tell Project, SewSophieLynn
11/11 Create 3.5, GAAFMACHINE
12/11 Tales of a Tester, Little Cumquat, Call Ajaire
13/11 Happy Okapi, Sunflower Seams, Stitches by Laura
14/11 Made by Sara, Candice Ayala, Filles a Maman
15/11 House of Estrela, Snickerdoodle Stew, Swoodson Says
16/11 The Lady and the Gents, Lulu & Celeste, Pear Berry Lane
17/11 Finn’s Door, Blue Wren Handmade, Once Upon a Sewing Machine, Just Add Fabric


If you want to get inspired and start sewing, make sure to get your copy here!


Happy sewing 🙂 !


Mel Henry says:

12 november 2016 at 00:40

Gorgeous! Well DONE NELLEKE! XX


Gaafmachine says:

28 november 2016 at 14:26

Thank you Mel!


Jen says:

12 november 2016 at 01:17

Thanks so much for sharing your sews! I love how they work for summer and winter wears!


Gaafmachine says:

28 november 2016 at 14:26

Yes, it’s perfect. Thanks for having me in this tour Jen, I really enjoyed it! 🙂


Anne says:

12 november 2016 at 07:45

Leuke combinatie zo.


Gaafmachine says:

28 november 2016 at 14:27

Dank je wel Anne!


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