The Dadaïsme Dress is here!

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The Dadaïsme Dress from The Eli Monster has been released!


I was one of the lucky testers to be picked and although Summer is getting to an end here in The Netherlands, I thought to give it a go for the last few weeks of Summer. I love the simple design of the Dadaïsme dress. AND it’s great for colorblocking because of the panels used in the pattern.


I found a coupon in my fabric stash which I once got from my friend Anouk from Noeks, my favorite store :). It was just a small piece, but perfect for colorblocking in this dress. I found the designer Heather Bailey) online, but I think this fabric is sold out. Though it’s great to check out her yummie website with all kinds love lovely floral designs.


And luckily I found a lovely light blue woven in my stash as well, it was just perfect together! As you see on the photo’s Isabella loves the dress. The fit is great, I made a straight 6, so hopefully next Spring she will still fit in the dress ;). The sizerange is 12m to 12y. It is perfect for a light woven or linen for Summer and for Winter you could use a thicker fabric, like wool.


Grab your copy here, it’s on sale for $7.00 until Sunday 21st of August.

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