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When I was asked if I wanted to join a blog tour organised by Victoria from As it seams about what we learnt from our mothers, it was quite simple, yes! Of course I would love to write about what my mother taught me, after all, it was her helping me all those hours of practicing when I was just a little girl bringing me where I am now…. And you know what? There will be a giveway as well, so make sure to keep on reading….


We would go upstairs, to the room where the magic happens (and it still does!). Discussing what project to start, find fabrics and then start to create, sew and unpick threads and of course becoming upset that it didn’t work out as how I wanted it to be…. Because that’s what belongs to the learning curve, yeah now I know…. ;).  My mother had so much patience! Learning two daughters how to use the sewing machine, starting with little projects, making small bags for example. Later on, the projects would become more difficult.


I remember that when I was older (like early twenties) we would love to make these little Omiyage bags by hand. I would to go my parents house and my mother and me were sitting at the dining table for hours, thinking of what fabric we should use for a flower bag, a fly or a fish…. And then, when we both finished one, we would give the bag we made, to each other!


At 25 my parents gave me my own sewing machine. Hooray! Now I could create and practice more. Bags and pillow cases were created. Many of them. Of course I wanted to start right away and not think of a design. Just create. But of course, mistakes were made….. And there my mothers comes in again. My mother loves to find solutions. When I think I mess up, she always comes up with an idea to fix it. I just love that!!!


When Isabella was born in 2011 I started to sew her clothes, dresses and skirts of course! Yay, now I have my own room where the magic happens (at least, Isabella thinks so 😉 ). I love it, spending hours and hours sewing and creating. Every time I start a new project there are things that maybe would have been too exciting if I didn’t learn from my mother to start and try, think, see, and start over when needed…. So, come on you zippers, buttonholes, pleats, ruffles… don’t scare me anymore ;).


And now, she is at the side-line, as we’re not living in the same town anymore, so when I do mess up, I am giving her a call, trying to explain what I messed up. And even then she finds a solution. Ha, mom, you’re the best and I love you!




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eefke says:

10 mei 2016 at 10:45

Wow, Nelleke, what a moving story !
Tears and a lot of memories pop up, those where the days ……. and fortunately it seems that there will be some others in the near future! sharing passion is the most wonderful thing. thank you daughter, love you


Gaafmachine says:

10 mei 2016 at 12:03



Victoria As it Seams says:

10 mei 2016 at 21:55

OH that’s such a lovely story ! I love that you were still sewing with your mother in your 20’s. And that you created such pretty little bags. Perhaps you should do a (joint?) tutorial! Thank you so much for taking part Nelleke! Lovely to discover your blog, Victoria . PS I have no idea why this is all in capItalS? Seems to be an auto CAPS lock or something. But I’m not shouting, Honest!


Gaafmachine says:

12 mei 2016 at 09:23

Thank you Victoria! And yes, that’s a good idea… A tutorial…


Sara @ Made by Sara says:

11 mei 2016 at 00:22

Loved reading your story Nelleke! I must say I am always a bit jeAlous of people who had the privilege to learn how to sew with their moms. 🙂 <3 Personally, I was first taught how to sew by my grandmother when I was a child up until I was about 10-12 years old, . Then sadly I disconnected from sewing… those silly teenage years, ha! And I have only picked it up again after I had my third baby, on my early thirties. My grandmother had already died and I was so sad that I missed all those years… I could have learned so much from her!…
Yay for moms that sew! it was a lovely read.


Gaafmachine says:

12 mei 2016 at 09:24

Thank you Sara! Good to read you picked up sewing again, enjoy it big time!


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