It’s here, One Thimble #15

Posted by | mei 16 | 4 Reacties op It’s here, One Thimble #15

Have you seen it? The newest issue of One Thimble has released! So many patterns again :). It was hard […]

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Let’s talk about Coffee and Thread!

Posted by | april 12 | 12 Reacties op Let’s talk about Coffee and Thread!

So, let’s talk about coffee and thread… I mean, as a sewer you need both, right?! The more coffee you […]

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Springtime :)

Posted by | maart 15 | Geen reacties op Springtime :)

Whoohoo, slowly Spring is arriving here in the Netherlands and gosh, how I needed the sun! Every now and then […]

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Fat quarter skirt

Posted by | maart 8 | 2 Reacties op Fat quarter skirt

I love Fat Quarters…. And I do have quite some of them, just perfect for all kinds of small projects. […]

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Let’s upcycle :) !

Posted by | februari 21 | 3 Reacties op Let’s upcycle :) !

When Miranda from Inspinration a few weeks ago asked me if I wanted to join a blogtour about upcycling, I did not […]

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Marlene in Spring

Posted by | februari 19 | 1 Reactie op Marlene in Spring

Oh I cannot wait until Springs starts! Yesterday when I woke up the birds were singing their song…that is so […]

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